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The next generation of reading pens

Literacy is a journey—but sometimes you need support to stay on the path. Students, parents, employees… anyone can find out that they need assistive tech along the way, and that's where a text-to-speech pen scanner comes in.

Welcome to Scanning Pens, the world's favorite place to find reading support!

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Where tech nurtures reading independence

Ever used a reader pen for dyslexia support?

If you’re living with dyslexia or another neurodiversity, having accessibility at your fingertips is a life-changer. Discover a new level of reading independence when you’re supported with the right pen scanner.

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Meet the #ScanningSquad

The Scanning Squad are a bustling community of people who have embraced the benefits of our pen scanners and experienced the positive change they can create. Here, you can get honest answers to your questions and see how users like you have grown their reading confidence.

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Why buy assistive technology with Scanning Pens?

Your journey doesn’t just end at delivery. Following your pen scanner purchase, you’ll also get FREE access to a host of support and Training Resources, including in-depth lesson plans and engaging learning activities that can be used alongside a dyslexia learning program.

With text-to-speech innovation and resources at your fingertips, you’ll be fully equipped to provide life-changing dyslexia support in schools. Pretty impressive for a little pen scanner!